Vintage Filofax & Mulberry II

Well, my last post seems to have caused quite a stir in the Filofax world! I’ve had rather a large amount of emails from Filofax fans who are, naturally, still using theirs and have pointed out the (many) obvious benefits to me. Perhaps I was a little hasty in saying that the smartphone and PDA ‘have completely replaced’ the Filofax and its ilk – I should have used the word ‘largely’, as there is still clearly a sizeable devoted following.
I also ought to point out that I’m the proud owner, and user, of a Mulberry Planner, which accompanies me to many of my meetings and lives in a drawer of my office desk. I also still own my original Filofax, which I would use apart from the fact that I find it too small – the Planner accommodates folded A4 sheets so well. Although I’m a heavy Blackberry user, my working life wouldn’t function as smoothly as it does without my ‘filofax’.

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