Will You Seek & Adore? I Did!

Sometimes in my world, it’s all about ‘dead people’s stuff’. By that, I mean that by virtue of the words ‘antique’, ‘vintage’, or ‘retro’, we tend to focus on things designed and made by people who are sadly no longer with us.
That’s the meat and bones of the industry, but it’s refreshing, and correct, to consider the work of today’s craftsmen, much of which will arguably become the antiques of tomorrow. And a perfectly brilliant place to do it on is Hatty Fawcett’s website, Seek & Adore.
Showcasing the best in contemporary British craftsmanship, the site offers a scintillating smorgasbord of glass, ceramic, metalwork and textiles. Over the past few months, the company have been asking a number of people to select their favourite items on the site, and write a few sentences about why they like them. I am honoured to be latest person featured, and you can see what I picked by clicking here. Click on the ‘Next Item’ link at the bottom right corner of the box to flip through my choices, and read my reasons for choosing them.
The piece I chose to illustrate this blog entry is one of the items I selected, and is an Auk jug by Kate Schuricht. I think its curving form and subtle raku glaze are beautiful. I hope you enjoy my selection.

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