Your Vote for Britain’s Best Antiques Shop

This year’s National Antiques Week (14th-21st October) sees an exciting new nationwide competition – to find Britain’s best antiques shop. And you’re in charge, as the voting is down to you!
Even better, entering a vote means you could win one of ten fantastic prizes worth £200 each!
The five categories comprise:
1. best antiques shop
2. best antiques centre
3. best specialist shop
5. best auction house
So if you have a much-loved antique shop, why not support it by seeing if you and your friends can make it Britain’s Best? If your favourite doesn’t know about it, direct them to either BBC Homes & Antiques magazine, or Antiques News & Fairs, or National Antiques Week.
That’s where you can vote too!

The winning businesses will be announced by TV celebrity Kirstie Allsopp at the Bath Decorative Antiques Fair on 8th March 2012.

Too many people are afraid of buying antiques or think they’re expensive,’ says Kirstie Allsopp.The message that needs to be sung from the rooftops is this: this is the right way to buy – antiques hold their value in a way that modern furniture simply does not. This initiative is the perfect opportunity for the trade to reach out to new customers.

The antiques and vintage industry is unique in its ability to adapt, and provide true quality, value for money, and quirky individuality,’ says author and Antiques Roadshow expert Mark Hill. ‘We hope that this campaign and competition will raise the profile of the entire industry at a time when buying vintage or antique is both desirable and fashionable. We have so much to offer, let’s shout about it.’

It’s not just about buyers voting, it’s also about you – antiques centre, shop, or auction house. If you think you should win, why not hold an event to gather together all your potential voters, promote your business, and maybe make some extra sales whilst having fun?
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