An Antique Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

If you’re wondering what I’m looking so fondly at, you’ll need to buy a copy of this month’s BBC Homes & Antiques to find out. And I can guarantee that it’s not a question mark! The feature I’m in could be titled ‘An antique is for life, not just for Christmas’, as it reveals the first antique a number of specialists on the Antiques Roadshow received as Christmas gifts. And the fact that this feature could be done shows that we still have them and hold them close to our hearts. Specialists include the legendary Bunny Campione, ceramics specialists Steven Moore and Will Farmer, book specialist Justin Croft, and jewellery specialist Alice Montagu Douglas Scott.
Elsewhere in this month’s issue you’ll find inspirational homes, and features on ‘perking up a period property’, and behind the scenes of the Antiques Roadshow at Chatsworth, with an unscreened story of Hilary Kay and a very special guitar.
I also enjoyed a fascinating introduction to Meissen porcelain by renowned expert John Sandon, and a visual history of salt and pepper pots through the ages by Judith Miller. There’s also a feature on fab ‘5os fashion, and much, much more. All this for a mere £3.80. I know what I’d want to curl up in a warm armchair and read! Click here to find out more, or shimmy down to your local newsagents and pick up a copy for yourself.

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