Antiques Roadshow ‘trends’ on Twitter

#TT #antiquesroadshow #antiquestweetshow – all these hash tags and more were flying around the internet last night as Antiques Roadshow became one of the top topics being talked about across the world on Twitter for the first time.
Of course, a large percentage of the tweets were from people questioning why it was trending, thus building the ‘trend’ even further. However, what was more interesting to me were the comments from those who weren’t asking this. Most people think the Roadshow only appeals to a more mature generation. That’s simply not true. Unless they’re using profile photos of other people, it was great to see so many younger people in their 20s and 30s saying they love it too. Clearly, timeless and widely appealing themes including history, the story behind an object, the owner’s own story, beautiful and resonant objects, and the great guessing game for the value don’t just appeal to the over 60s.
That’ll be why it regularly attracts over 7m viewers each week… In a way, given this and the growing popularity of social media, it was only a matter of time before it reached new heights on one site or another.
Tune in for part two of the Saltaire show next Sunday at 8pm. I wonder if it will happen again? You can follow me (@antiquemark) on Twitter by clicking here, and while you’re at it, follow my fellow Roadshow Twitterers too – @mrstevenmoore @millersantiques, @will_farmer, @lennoxcato, @susanrumfitt, and @vintageexpert. Oh, and I appeared on last night’s show too, although I really doubt that was a contributing factor! If you missed it, you can see me looking at and valuing some lovely Mdina Glass (above), and see what other wonderful objects were found, on BBC iPlayer by clicking here.

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