Mark & Antiques In Top South Korean Travel Guide!

MarkHillBritishClassicBookLast year, I was delighted to be asked to contribute to South Korea’s bestselling travel guide to London. Just published by Wisdom House, British Classic is a beautiful and weighty tome packed with lavish, specially commissioned photographs showing London at its best. It’s a book that will tempt and tantalise before you travel, as well as being an essential companion on holiday. Written by Nari Park, chapters include ‘Royal Heritage’, ‘Afternoon Tea’, ‘Green Spaces’, ‘Antiques & Vintage’, ‘Pubs’, ‘Sports’ and ‘Behind Classic Icons’ and show many of the different facets of British life in our capital city. I think you can guess which chapter I contributed to!
BritishClassicBookCoverEach chapter begins with an interview with a specialist in that area where they reveal their ‘secret’ tips for shopping or visiting sights, their personal thoughts on the area, and their opinion on the state of that particular area right now.
Apart from the obvious destinations, I was able to mention a number of my favourite haunts, including Grays Antiques, Alfies Antiques, Portobello Road, Criterion Auctioneers, WB Antiques, Crystal Palace Antiques, the Olympia antiques fairs, Antiques For Everyone, The Geffrye Museum, The Sir John Soane Museum, Dennis Sever’s House, The Wallace Collection and some of my favourite eateries found en route.
The other chapters *look* fascinating, I only wish I was able to read them as it’s always interesting to see what foreign travel guides recommend, and how they view it all. At least I know what my name looks like in Korean now!
Although the Chinese are the most numerous Far Eastern tourists in the UK, numbers of visitors from the largely wealthy and progressive South Korea are rising rapidly. You can’t say the same for those from the country between them, however…
I hope this guide does well and will keep my eyes peeled for it being carried on the streets of our city.

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