World Record Price For Mdina

The Mdina Glass ‘Crizzle Stone’ signed by Michael Harris – rightly dubbed the Holy Grail for many Mdina collectors – being offered by Artius Glass on behalf of a collector has sold. And it stormed home, selling for a staggering £3,400! Representing the apex of collecting, less than a dozen are currently known to collectors, with only one of those being signed by Michael. This example was in the most desirable green and ochre colourway, with a nice, clear signature on its base. Developed from the iconic ‘Fish’, this treasure was brought to light after the vendor saw an episode of the BBC Antiques Roadshow, where my colleague Andy McConnell valued an unsiged example in brown and ochre at £1,000-1,500. Whoever the buyer is, they have my sincere congratulations – it’s a cracker!

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