My Blog Rated In Top Six Antiques Blogs

I was delighted to find that my blog was rated as one of the ’50 Best Blogs’ for 2012 by Homes & Antiques magazine. All 50 were profiled in the August issue of the magazine, which was also the ‘vintage special’. The 50 top picks were divided up into different categories, from ‘Eat, Drink, Travel […]

Book Review: Killer Stuff & Tons of Money

As the nights grow chilly and draw in on us, there’s nothing more enjoyable than the cliché of curling up on a comfortable antique chair with a good book. Books about antiques and collecting that don’t focus on a particular subject area are rare, probably due to the potentially limited readership. Those that do get […]

They’re still out there – A Gambone Bargain!

My friend and fellow mid-century pottery fan Emiel Monnink of Retrominded and I were chatting online last week. I had just met a friend of his at the excellent Ardingly antiques fair, and he had just found a piece of Italian pottery for me to look at. I found the story fascinating, and (almost) completely […]

Antiques & Flea Markets in Mexico City II

I’ve split my blog posts about antiquing in Mexico City into two, each focusing on different areas of the city, to make it easier to read. My first post, which covers the two nearby markets in the upcoming Roma Norte district, can be read by clicking here. If you’re looking for something more upscale than […]

Image Three Design – Michael Harris & Metalware

When you’re researching a book, you invariably come across fascinating information which isn’t strictly related to the subject of the book, but really ought to be recorded anyway. When I was researching for my book on Michael Harris and his work at Mdina Glass and Isle of Wight Studio Glass (now out of print), my […]

Antiques & Flea Markets in Mexico City I

I didn’t have high hopes of finding much of interest in the first leg of our annual holiday, which took us to Mexico City. Of course, the banker saw this as a good thing – a break for me from work. Mexico doesn’t have a great reputation for antiques. Even though it has been wealthy, […]