National Antiques Week 15th-21st November

National Antiques Week aims to promote antiques, vintage and collecting. Over the past year, a growing number of young people have seen the value and individuality of antiques, and the thrill of the hunt, and begun to buy antiques and vintage pieces for their homes. Furthermore, a report commissioned by the antiques trade from industry […]

Auctioning The London Stock Exchange Clocks

Last night I was the auctioneer at the sale of these rather unusual looking clocks. From 1971 until the ‘Big Bang’ in 1986, they presided over deals worth billions and billions of pounds, as they hung in the trading room of the London Stock Exchange in Threadneedle Street until the mid-1990s. Just think for a […]

Please Help Us – Your Support Is Needed!

Calling ALL Czech Glass and Fat Lava fans – your help is needed. And all it will cost you is a few moments of your time. Last week we heard the shocking news that the King’s Lynn Arts Centre is being threatened with closure by the local government. But, if you don’t live in King’s […]

The 16th Cambridge Glass Fair

I can’t miss it, and nor should you. I’ve just got back from the Cambridge Glass Fair which was as marvellous as ever on its 16th outing. Held in the picturesque and pastoral Chilford Hall Vineyard, over 200 of the country’s great and good glass dealers gather to offer you over 300 years of collectable […]

Antiques Roadshow at Winchester Cathedral

I was instantly transported back to my childhood. And it made me smile. Relatively late in the day at today’s packed Antiques Roadshow, a very kind and friendly couple showed me something they had bought for their children back in the early 1970s – a Corgi Magic Roundabout Playground set. I was never lucky enough […]

West German Ceramics at Alexandra Palace

There seemed to be quite a lot of these at the excellent Alexandra Palace Antiques Fair today, and prices certainly seem to be on the up. Although £10-15 will still buy you an appealing but more common piece of Scheurich or Bay, the smart money should be put at something a bit more pricey that […]

A Broken Pontiff?

In honour of the Pope’s visit to Great Britain this week, I thought I’d post this. Browsing eBay one evening last week, I came across a rather interesting piece of studio glass. The seller had described it correctly up to the point where he or she mentioned the fact that it had a ‘broken pontiff’ […]

Antiques Roadshow at the British Museum

The Antiques Roadshow was filmed at the British Museum yesterday – just around the corner from our office at Miller’s Towers. Although neither Judith Miller nor I were scheduled to attend that particular Roadshow, our colleague Katy had always wanted to see what goes on during a typical day, and how they were filmed. So […]

Hatfield House Antiques Roadshow

Phew – what a busy day! I’ve just got back from today’s Antiques Roadshow at the beautiful Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. For once, the location was within easy striking distance from home, so I was able to come back to relax tonight. However, I’ll miss discussing the exciting treasures everyone unearthed across the day over […]

Hutton-In-The-Forest Antiques Roadshow

One of the many, many aspects of being lucky enough to participate in the BBC Antiques Roadshow that I enjoy the most is the travelling. Not so much the typically poor service from Virgin trains, or the traffic jams on the M1, but the wonderful locations selected by the production team. This week’s Roadshow was […]